Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Cooperators Podcast Episode 12 Marquette Brewing David Gill, Drink Up

Mark your calendar. Late June is when Marquette Brewing in Michigan is slated to open, making it one of around 10 cooperative breweries in the US.

That number isn't big but just about all these co-ops have formed in recent years. It's a growing sector.

Understand, Marquette is a small town, population maybe 25,000, in Michigan's remote Upper Peninsula.  There's not a lot of population to draw upon in forming a new co-op but over 200 have joined Marquette Brewing, ponying up $99 apiece.

All in the co-op has raised over $200,000.

An important takeaway from this podcast is how much help other co-operatives have given Marquette Brewing. The co-operative principles really work.

Another takeaway: the rich information board president David Gill shares about this co-op's journey to opening. He gives what amounts to a how to blueprint.

Great stuff.  Drink up.

Listen to this podcast here.

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